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EQ6 pro RA play help


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After being taken to numerous star parties etc my EQ6 pro has developed some play in the RA axis (and some but less in the Dec). This can be clearly felt by play in the side to side motion of the counterweight bar.

I also have begun to see a periodic large spike on my guiding graph that I think corresponds with a full rotation period. This does not seem

To be completely removed by guiding and I am getting eggy stars.

Would this play cause the guiding issue?

I guess I need to follow the on line tutorials for gear mesh. Can this be done with the mount loaded with scopes etc or must I dismantle? I was thinking the load could affect mesh etc.

Any help or experience would be appreciated.



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I think play is more down to the bearings. IIRC the RA bearing has a thrush bearing held at a set force by the piece of metal that holds the clutch for the counterweight bar.

Best give astro baby a ping - she would be able to give you pointers to her guide.

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This can be clearly felt by play in the side to side motion of the counterweight bar.

Hi Rob. I've never had an EQ6, but on the GEMs I have owned,

the meshing of the worm and wheel gears could be adjusted to

remove backlash. I sometimes had to compromise, as getting

rid of the last bit of play made the drive stiffen up.

Could be the bearings, but worth having a look at the gear mesh


Regards, Ed.

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