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Opticron vs Helios (binoculars)

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when i was choosing a pair of binos myself last year, these were on my list. The helios naturesport plus are very similar in design to the opticron 8x40 aspherics.(same factory perhaps?)

The imagics are very nicely made and very nice to look through. Good contrast and very little internal reflections.

I think you would be more than happy with either to be honest, although the helios offer a significant saving over the imagics.

My personal tip would be to try out each pair yourself as binoculars are very much an individual thing. I personally couldnt get on with the imagics and in the end i opted for the opticron aspherics,(and absolutely love them) although very similar to the naturesports, gave a wider field of view and had a better finish i felt.

Good luck in your search


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I've been thinking about buying some William Optics ED binoculars and just wondered what you think of those compared to the imagics, which would you buy out of the two?

The William Optics ED porroprism binoculars are almost certainly made in the same factory as the Helios Apollo HR series, both are weighty high performance binoculars. Optically and mechanically they are better than the Opticron Imagic TGA WP but the extra optical and mechanical quality comes at a price, they are over 60% more expensive. Unless you need a sturdy military-spec binocular the Opticrons are the better buy and more compact and convenient with centre-focusing.

Usually at around £100 people short-list the Opticron Imagic TGA WP and the Pentax 10x50 PCF WP II. The Pentax is a little larger and heavier but more sturdy. Optically there is nothing to separate them.


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