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Orion Nebula and Running Man


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I have been rolling around in the carpet, fitting with PS trying to make something of this one. My processing skills are still woefully lacking however:mad:

24 x 100s lights

15 x 100s darks

5 x 10s lights

3 x 5s lights

Stacked in DSS. Layered in PS. The processing is still very crude in my eyes. Ahh well, all part of the learning curve I suppose!


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Thank you for the kind words, but my processing isn't very subtle in comparison to some of the stuff you will see on this forum.

Anyhoo, I reprocessed it again, to being out a lot more detail in the gas clouds. I hope you like it.


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You appear to have plenty of data in that image, lots of detail to work with.

I'd suggest that you have perhaps clipped the black point a bit to hard, it's tempting to try and get the background to black, but it often leads to somewhat artificial looking edges to the subject in the picture.

Personally I'm used to M42 looking a bit more red, but then I have a modded camera, so I guess this is the colouring you get when less Ha is captured.

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