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A 6" Dob is exactly the sort of simple set up that's ideal for any noob.

They are "simples" to locate and track with.

A large enough aperture to see objects and normally a forgiving focal ratio like f/8. So collimating is easier and budget eyepieces work ok.

Plus you can lift em with practically one finger so carrying it is no drama's.

Regards Steve

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Hi all

i am currently using a newt on an alt az mount, would tracking be easier on a dob?


You would find a Dob easy to use, but as you already have a newt on an AZ mount (that's what a Dob is but a different design), I would't say there's much point personally, unless you are going for a bigger 'scope anyway.

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i am still torn between a dob for my first scope and an EQ mount, im a complete noob but i get very into things, dont want to spend a big chunk on a dob only to be left wanting for an eq mount. that said im not that interested in astrophotography....

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well currently im "Living" with a jessops peice of **** newt, lets just say its not at all a pleasure to use...

im on a super tight budget and need to keep it about the £100 mark, ive seen a 6" SW DOB on ABS for £80 just waiting on an email reply so i can see some pics etc and then hopefully it will be mine :)

that being said im open to pretty much any scope as long as its not from a department store! a parabolic mirror would be preferable of course, but with my budget i cant afford to be picky!

cheers for all the replies!

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I just bought an 8" Orion XT8i for my very first scope and it really is a very simple and easy design to work with and gives great views.

The orion came with the computer pad so, although it's a push to (manual) system it allows you to learn the sky as well as find things quickly.

Good luck with your purchase!


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Fingers crossed you get the 150 dob :p

When I first started looking into getting my own telescope I was looking at goto, then eq mounts etc... It was only during a visit to a local astro shop (Pulsar Optical / Scopes 'n' Skies) that I was shown a dob and it's advantages were explained.

So, now I have a Skyliner 200P and it's great :)

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