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Here is my attempt at saturn on Friday 10th April

It was taken with a Fujifilm A100 held at the eyepiece.

I did this as video clip and then stacked the images in registax i was fulled zoomed in when the video was taken which is why i think it is quite blurry.

What i would like to know is there anyway i can make this image sharper? I havent really used registax very much.

Any opinions would be great!


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That's not bad considering what you used to take the image.

Have you tried playing with the wavelet sliders in Registax? They may help sharpen it up, but don't overdo them.

Also, try the RGB Align function on the wavelet page. It should help reduce the red and blue fringing a bit.


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The hardest part is getting the focus right IMO. Then of course being a bit lucky and taking the video during a spell of good seeing helps, which is why it's always best a take several vids and pick the best. But for better results a webcam is a must and well worth a purchase. Good image nontheless :)

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