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OOO! im loving this DMK


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Here is my quick tinker....

Well the capture was the quick part.

Have to mention Connors help (number 1 son) helping with setup and making fine coffee :)

25 panes as i was paranoid about missing bits

Orion 8" f/6 DMK and a no 21 Filter

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Nice one Earl... I want one of those cameras..

but... only 7Gb worth of data... light weight :)... the mosaic I did the other night was 17Gb, and the terminator in two strips was 35Gb...

As for not missing bits, try putting the avi's directly into imerge, then you can mosaic as you go and make sure you don't miss any bits...

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Btw the new registax uses your graphics CPU (actually called a GPU) if it's able.

I can do into more detail about the benefits - I used to be a registered AMD researcher for the technology.

Put simply - your graphics chip (GPU) can do maths far faster (in parallel) than your CPU can. The down side is that algorithms have to be redesigned for parallel computation and not many people have the skills todo that.

Your CPU has 2-8 general purpose cores.. your graphics GPU has simpler maths-specific cores but has 512 or even 1024 cores and far faster memory. It may not be running at 4GHz but the GPU just wins on pure brute force for large amounts of maths processing (ie visual processing).

edit: to give you an ideal example, in 2006 my CPU would do the matrix calculation of r = a*b+c with a data throughput of 11GBytes/sec (gigabytes) - my old X1950XTX GPU would hit 120GBytes/sec. GPUs have got a lot more powerful since then!

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I am pleased (for a change LOL) with this, its my first time using the camera and the scope, I hope for much better results as time progreses. 3 blue screens did not make me a happy chap though, for some reason SharpCap was causing it, so I used the bundled software with the camera instead.

I need to look into which are the best filters to use.

Im very happy with the results for such a quick try with new gear.

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