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EQ6 Power connector


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Hi All with EQ6s,

Has anyone else found the power connector on the mount a little susceptible to cutting out because of the handset cable pulling across the tip positive head. This happened to me twice on Friday night, which meant a realignment each time.

Has anyone replaced this for a more secure socket? I found one page with an upgrade but it meant drilling a new hole for a large jack plug, I would prefer to use the existing socket hole and fit something that attaches much like the hand controller with thumbscrews so it dose not come out or loose power if knocked in any direction?

Any ideas out there please?

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The centre pin solder joint can also be cracked on the PCB inside the control panel. I had this problem on my Orion Sirius Mount (equivalant to a HEQ5 Pro). Since resoldering no problems. As said before the power tip on the supply may not have the correct diameter and can loose contact when jostled.



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You would think that SW would provide the correct plug would you not.

Yeah, the plug was correct on the SW supplied battery pack, it was only when I bought a 12VDC car lighter adaptor from Maplins for my Power Tank that I noticed the varying internal tip sizes. Those lockable connectors look a good idea :)

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I am going for the screw on model myself. I will be asking if anyone wants to go in on the order with me as there is a $20.00 order minimum. But I am waiting to hear if the company posts to the UK or not.

If anyone is interested in adding to my order let me know with a PM, also let me know if you want the screw or lock type?

Locking: Philmore 2150 & Philmore 2475

Screwing: Philmore 2160 & Philmore 2112

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