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Meade Lightbridge Lunar observing report as of 10.4.2011 Part of Lunar 100-200


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Meade Lightbridge 16" F4.5 FL1829mm

Phase 98.5°

Lunation 7.19 days

Illumination 42.6%

Number 77 Barrow Rays

I easily found crater Barrow and could see the craters eastern rim near Barrow B casting a shadow accross one third of Barrows floor. Barrow is 56 miles in diameter and of unknown height. The NE side near Barrow C also casts a wide shadow a similar distance, unsure what object causes the barrow ray of light effect. It gave the effect of a ray of light accross Barrows floor, unfortunately it was not like the photo and only crossed two thirds of the craters floor.

Number 44 Apollo 15 landing site

Very easily seen, and an awesome area to observe. A mountain on the Mons Hadley ridge was casting a distinct triangular shadow accross the whole of the Palus Putredinis. Apollo 15 was launch on 26 July 1971 from Cape Kennedy and was commanded by David Scott. Apollo 15 soft landed on July 30. 1971 in the Palus Putredinis area.

Number 35 Lunar X

Best lunar X I've ever seen time the time is 21.19. The lunar X formation is made up by the ridges that are between Werner, Blanchinus, Purbach and Regiomontanus. This is an awesome sight if it is caught just right, which in this case it was.

Number 84 Stofler N

Through the 12.5 Ortho I could see an amazing wall that crosses the floor of Stofler, this is the eastern wall of Faraday and within this wall I could see three very small cratlets, one of them called Stofler N. The wall casts a nice shadow onto the floor of Stofler but the little peaks still stood proud and were lit by sunshine.

Number 5 Central crest of Heraclitus

Once again the 12.5 ortho gave me an amazing sight, the crest line really stands out crossing the centre of Heraclitus, it's top illuminated in sunshine. The crest appears dead straight and is between the craters Licetus and Heraclitus D. It also appears very steep and tall and it is possible that this formation is 11500 feet high.

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Good report Mick, hard to resist that moon last night wasnt it?.

I was after the Apollo 15 landing site last night with the Meade 127 to see how much of Hadley Rille I could get with a 5" and was surprised to see quite a bit. I too noticed the Mons Hadley shadow which was very prominent.

I was also trying to catch the small craterlets inside Archimedes but atmospherics were against me. Ive caught a couple in the past but on very still nights.

I shall have to have a go at the X sounds interesting


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