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Cylindrical Bearing Equatorial Platform


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After trying to tilt my heavy dob at 65 degrees I admit is it not going to work.

I have had a google and will build one of the above instead. I have printed the manual from Warren Peters and most of it seems straightforward. I have measured the dobs centre of gravity and drawn a plan. Unlike the example in Warren's pages, the centre of gravity line is nearer the pointy end of the cone that the line drawn for the north bearing line, I assume this is okay and a result of the low latitude angle of 25 degrees.

The maths in the example is beyond me, but I have drawn a scale drawing and I have rnb lenght of 52 cms, a CG of 40 cms and a rsb of 33.2 cms, the top of the base unit is 46 cms long and 6.4 cms off the horizonal line drawn to the apex (not pointy bit). Does this all seem reasonable? And do I just need to cut two segments one with 52cms radius and one 33.2cms radius? Each the same height and then tilt the bearings at 65 degrees. There must be more to it as Warren would have said do this in his manual.

Or does someone have a copy of his excel program to use, the link does not work on his site.

For reference here is his site:


Thank you in advance.

Mike MS.

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