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Coma Cluster


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This is a ~1hr shot (45sec subs) of the Coma Cluster (Abell 1656) taken with an unmodded Canon1000D on an 8.5" F6 Newtonian. I have lots of light pollution - I always use a Skywatcher LPR filter.


The Coma cluster is richest 'local' galaxy cluster, and has several thousand members. It also just happens to be a cluster I studied for my thesis, many years ago! In those days we used 1 hour photographic plates from the Palomar 48" Schmidt, and studied them using a light box and a microscope. I can't claim this is as deep, but here is the same Canon1000D shot, but in inverted greyscale and now with the NGC and IC galaxies labelled:


The faintest galaxies visible have an blue mag of about 18.


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