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All taken during a half-moon....not good!:D:eek::rolleyes:

here's how I did it:

Failand 10.4.11 1st attempt at imaging M65 & M66

Orion 150 6"

Canon 20d

800 asa

34 subs 100 seconds

34 darks 100 seconds

34 bias 1/4000th sec

nearly half moon

stacked in DSS

Processed in photoshop 6, pixinsight whilst watching sky at night

sausage sandwhich, cup of hot chocolate...then to bed!:hello2::):mad:



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Bob, thats a grand image. I know its extra work but perhaps sift through the subs pre-processing and drop the really bad ones where the tracking went awry and only stack the good ones. The benefit in sharpness will outweigh the signal loss. ..... and you have more time for sausages too while you work!

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