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AC DC Converter Probs

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I was told at an observing session that the power light on my HEQ5 Pro shouldn't be flickering like it does! It never occurred to me it could be a problem, and never seemed to be. It doesn't flicker when I connect it to my power pack, only when I use the Maplins AC DC converter (see pic). Is there a better one I could use?



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My AC-DC looks very similar (I use it on the HEQ5pro and NEQ6pro)

mine is marked:

Output: 12V 5A

What does yours say??

Edit: Zooming in on the image it says 5A - so that should be enough for the mount. have you double checked the power plug size to the mount? This should be a 2.1mm plug? Do you run an excessively long power lead to the mount? I have about 5mtr.......

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The lead has a cig lighter connector on one end and a right-angled doobrey that attaches to the scope. (You can tell I'm not techie!) I can't remember where I got it from! Poss with the scope. Not sure what you mean by 2.1mm plug! :) The lead's quite short.

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The contact resistance of these types of cigarette lighter style connection is very poor and will drop some of the voltage across it. This can be confirmed if the plug gets hot. You are much better off using a power supply with a lead built into it. You could chop off the cigarette lighter connection amd wire it together with a better connection. But make sure you get the polarity right :)



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I think you would be better with a regulated power supply, I think you may have a significant amount of voltage ripple. Good quality 12V can be gotten from PC PSUs for not much cash (got a broken PC somewhere?)... if you have a techie mate ask to borrow an oscilloscope and you can examine the ripple that way.

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I have one of these Maplins 5a Ciggy socket PSU's and though it drives my Synscan dob fine it sends the CPC crazy pointing all over the place. So I went back to proper field batteries for the scopes and use the psu for dew bands - it's fine for that.

A regulated power supply is a better option as noted above :)

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