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What a chump I am!!!

Came in last night from the garden carrying my Skywatcher fully assembled. Plonked it in the middle of the kitchen foor, turned round and walked to the door to close it and forgot that the battery pack was in my pocket. Duh :rolleyes:

Wires are now pulled off the terminals. Looks as if I can just nip them back under the connectors but do you think it will be ok? Being an electrical duffer I also don't know where to connect black or white wires.

Any help much appreciated. :D

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It will most certainly be OK BUT you must get the polarity right without fail - For reliability, you really could do with having them soldered back on. If you were more local, I'd offer to do it for you!

The key to this is to determine which colour wire goes to the central pin in the plug that connect to the mount - this is the positive lead. Next have a look at how the batteries are installed in the case - the terminal that the last battery goes to with its positive end is the pad that you solder the positive lead to. The pad where the first battery's flat base goes to is the negative lead.

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Thanks for that steppenwolf.

Is there an easy way to determine which is the pos/neg wires?

Can any of my fellow Synscan users have a look at their battery pack and let me know perhaps? They should all be the same right or am I assuming too much?

Thanks in anticipation.

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