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Saturn First


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Lots of firsts today, and here's mine.

Only dabbled with the moon thus far, but I was determined to get Saturn tonight, and i'm quite happy with my first attemps. Used sharpcap and didn't really have much idea on what settings to use, think it was still as I used it for the moon

This is the only one i've processed so far (its getting late), and I will post up the rest if they are any improvement. Touched it up in registax a bit after processing, sharpened it a tad to make out the cassini divide (which I never thought I'd get with a webcam).

I deffinately need to work on the focusing a little more, pretty sure I can get a little better than this, but as my first i'm very happy, better than I expected infact.

Kit used was Nexstar 8SE with Dew Shield on, Phillips SPC900 webcam (flashed from 880) and using Sharpcap.

1000 frames at 5 FPS.


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