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Fireworks how to photograpth them?


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With your astro-imaging experience James, photographing fireworks will be a breeze: 

The cameras exposure meter will try to record the dark-sky as a mid-tone grey.  To counter this, lower the exposure until the dark areas look natural.  It also prevents the fireworks colours from bleaching out.   

Set the 'Shade' white balance position, if there is no Shade option then choose Cloudy.  Doing this will counter the cameras tendency to produce a blue cast. 

Use a shutter speed long enougth to record the fireworks ascent and display, increase the time for multiple fireworks on the same image (or take several and cheat in Photoshop). 

Try not too include the bonfire in the shot; it will over-expose.

The fireworks themselves will produce some quite surreal colour casts but personally, I think that often adds atmosphere. 

I have had best results from high vantage points.

Finally, theres an element of luck to getting good firework pix so shoot several images. 

I look forward to seeing the results - goodluck,


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for those Tip's i must say i wouldnt of know any of it :clouds1: just going to write this down in my Photo Diary book for referance when i got out on Nov the 5th.

Were the Firework display is held (Cricket Club) there stand's were you can sit or stand up so i will be aiming for the top row and have my tripod next to me and a coat on the seat's either side(no one can bang into me then hehe).

I will post the results when i get them i aim to take as many images as i can in the time of the display...

Thanks Steve big help.

James :clouds1:

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