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Lunar X for the 1st time


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I remembervreadingbabout this some time ago, tried a few times, but from what I recall, the conditions of illumination have to be JUST right. I might have another go at it myself.

Now would be a very good time to see it...

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Thanks for the heads-up. Shot out to have a look on reading your post. I've not seen it before, apart from accidentally imaging it a couple of years ago without realising.

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Can't believe I've not seen this before- it's so obvious tonight. Just done a bit of googling, and it seems that conditions for viewing last around 4 hours each lunation, so that may explain it.

My kids were impressed (albeit mildly), but my wife didn't get it.

Thanks for the heads up anyway.

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what could possible have made this lunar x ?

It's just a fairly random landform that just looks like this on certain illuminations. Here's a view of the same area under different illumination (not one of my pics), and it just disappears.

p.s. I saw the face too, but didn't like to say for fear of being branded a wierdo conspiracy theorist! Mt. Rushmore?


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Yep, you should know by now that X marks the spot...

Here are my predicted start times for observing the Lunar X illumination using 1.2 sun alt over crater Werner as the parameter:


January 12 0012 UT

February 10 1526 UT

March 12 0543 UT

April 10 1837 UT

May 10 0610 UT

June 8 1642 UT

July 8 0247 UT

August 6 1305 UT

September 5 0012 UT

October 4 1232 UT

November 3 0214 UT

December 2 1704 UT



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