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Ways to improve a R&P focuser?

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Hi all!

I really don't like the shake and wobble I get when focusing with my standard Rack and Pinion Focuser on my Skywatcher Startravel 120, so I ask you, what methods have you come up with/heard of to improve the quality of a standard R&P focuser?

I don't have to funds to invest in a Dual Speed Crayford or a Skywatcher Auto Focuser, so relatively cheap methods only please.

I've heard of attaching a clothes peg to one of the focusing knobs for fine tuning, and wrapping teflon tape around the draw tube to reduce shake, so will try both of these.

Are there any others?

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If the "shake and wobble" is in the actual focuser this can usually be adjusted out. The focuser usually has a locking knob on the top face, either side of this there should be a couple of very small socket grub screws which can be tightened carefully with a suitable Allen key. The mesh between the rack and the pinion can also be adjusted by the screws that hold the pinion shaft in place. The principle is to take up as much excess clearance as possible without making the focusing action stiff or the shake and wobble will be transferred to the telescope! :D.

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