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Walking on the Moon



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First time I've been training for the last 8 weeks, and it's as clear as flippin crystal out there!

Mars is looking HUGE even to the naked eye, and with the Pleiades just a few degrees away, they make a nice camera shot.

Orion has just cleared the rooftops, and is just begging to be explored!!

Would be another couple of hours, I think, before Saturn is visible to me, but it would be worth the wait...

If I wasn't on a course with an exam tomorrow, I would be out there dreaming up a sick note excuse!!!!

Hope someone else has these skies.....


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Daz, James

Sorry to here about the bad timing. Last night was a good night down in London. I even managed to see a few stars within the square of Pegasus!.

I was out until 1am and spent most of they time looking and photgraphing Mars. I let you know how the photos came out.



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