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using a cheshire collimator?

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hi there,

I tried looking at the collimation of my sw200pds the other day and found the collimation not to be that far out so i adjusted it to correct it.

What i was wondering after playing about with the cheshire position in the focuser i noticed if i pulled the cheshire out to the stepped bit on the body of the cheshire the view in the primary changed to when i had the cheshire all the way in to which i set the collimation to.

So my question is how far do i put the cheshire into the focuser?

thanks dazz

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I put mine all the way in. The stepped part is help locate the cheshire into the focuser, once there you push it in up to the big bit at the end. Because the stepped section is a smaller diameter than the focuser tube, tightening the thumbscrew up to it will push the cheshire off the optical axis that runs up the centre of the focuser tube and the collimation will appear out.

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