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synscan handset setting


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hi all

could someone tell me what the setting should be on the hand controller, the setting i am asking about are in the sub menu.....


tracking etc

i will get more info in the morning, but if anyone knows what they should be that would be great

many thanks

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Tracking allows you to manually set the rate to Sidereal, Luna etc. Backlash I believe allows you to teach the mount the periodic error in the drive so that it can correct it, but I'm not 100% sure

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thanks malc-c for the reply, but what i would like to know is what the setting are from the factory as them seemed to work OK, after a quick play last night...silly me, the tracking started to play up, when i wanted to move the mount just a deg it shoot across the sky...like 10 deg give or take, not sure what i have done but it was a pain, so if there is someone who knows what these setting should be or what setting they are using and have no problems, if they could let me know what these are, i could see if they work for me, i hope this make some sort of sence..... i await the knowledge of SGL

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Sounds like you had the slew rate set to 8 or 9. with the handset displaying SETUP > press 2 on the keypad, it should then change to RATE, then select a low number like 2 or 3 on the keypad. Now when you press the arrow keys the movement should be slight.

Other than that I think there is a "reset to factory default" option under UTILITIES if I recall.

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Assuming here the Synscan is very similar to the CG5 that I have.

Is there any reason why you should not do the 'reset to factory setting' routine?

All you lose is your stored site lat/long and usually the mounts give good results straight out of the box with default factory settings.

Just a thought.


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Factory settings for back lash is 00 00 00 - i.e no compensation. At least it was on my setup.

Tracking should be set to Sidereal.

Back lash compensates for any play in the drive train, usually seen when changing direction. My Synscan AZ has about 6 arc mins of back lash but this will vary from mount to mount.

You notice it most when using the slower rates to position the object in the eye piece - it's seen as a delay in responding to key presses.

For best positioning accuracy always approach your alignment stars from the bottom left (use right & up keys) at Rate 1. This is how the mount approaches the object so back lash is already taken up.

Back lash can be annoying when trying to re-centre an object once it's been found - you can compensate by adjusting the backlash settings.

To measure backlash, centre the scope on Polaris (approach from bottom left) note the AZ position - using the highest magnification you can watch Polaris. Select the lowest rate and press the left key - release the key immediately you see any movement of Polaris. Repeat for the down key.

Note the new AZ position and subtract from the initial values - this will give you your backlash values.

Try these in the backlash settings (I find that they need reducing a little for best results).

Hope this helps


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