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9 Saturns April 7th/8th

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Put together all 9 avis done between 11.48pm and 12.48am April 7th/8th.

Taken with Skywatcher auto Dob and spc900 webcam 3x tal plus extension giving f27. Images are 75% size.


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Cheers guys!

James the 2 brightest are the pick of the litter for sure...they did get more processing tlc than the others lol

Just need to find animation tutorial as I've forgotten the process...got it on my bookmarks somewhere...

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Cracking set of images Stuart.

Have you changed the way you process ?

What software are you using now?

Thanks Simon.

The main difference with these images over my previous ones was freezing the whitebalance and using the colour sliders rather than auto wb during capture. The colour balance was improved even more by using create luminance from RGB in Registax then using auto RGB balance. Only Registax was used for these images apart from the 2 best which were tweaked in image analyzer using deconvolution filters. I will probably put the avis on these through vdub to weed out the duff frames as registax seems to let quite a few duds through the net.

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very nice collection stuart, iam going to have to get out and have a go at saturn again. Only problem is saturn doesnt clear some tall trees at the rear of my garden untill nearly sunrise(dam trees anyone got a chainsaw)


Ben :D

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