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which guide rings for st-80 100mm or larger?

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I don't use any. The ST80s are bolted down and always find a star. If you did this, but had the option to swivel it right and left if necessary, you would save yourself a bomb and have a stiffer system, which is all to the good. Since I have never had to move at all in search of a star I doubt that much movement would be needed.


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I have difficulty picking up a guide star with the synguider more often than I find one! So need a good bit of movement to align to a brightish guide star. What guide system do you use olly?

I use an ST80 with Atik 16ic camera. In fact I use two since we run two imaging mounts. On another thread Psychobilly said his Synguider only came alive in the F5 ST80. Fast f ratio is critical.


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