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CCD camera with SCSI interface - need advice


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Hi all,

to follow up my previous post about CCD cameras, I think that I've had bit of a stroke of luck - in that I've been offered a second hand camera for free.

Although I don't quite know which camera it is, I believe it is an early Pictor model [as I've been told it has a SCSI interface :icon_scratch:].

I think I should be able to get it to work with a modern laptop - but I'd like to know which is the best way to connect it?:

PCMCIA to SCSI card [not so easy to find?] or

USB to SCSI interface [available?]

Are there any pitfalls with using such an 'old' camera [which has a manual filter wheel so I am told] with a modern laptop or net-book [Windows 7 OS]



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Blimey...yeah...googling it, it is pretty old (1998) and quite low res and there is indeed a SCSI interface. However I believe it can run over RS232 serial as well, and that would be much easier (though probably slower)

There seems to be a manual here...

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