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M81 + M82 First attempt


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This is my first attempt at a DSO!

I have not processed the image as I don't no where to begin! So if anybody wants the TIFF file or even RAW then let me know and Ill send it too you! Jpeg is attached and the details are:

Camera: Eos 1000D

Mount: HEQ-5 PRO

Telescope: WO Megrez 72

Exposure: 138 x 30 second exposures (1 hour 9 minutes total exposure) + 27 Darks....(all unguided)

More data needed to get more detail?


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Hiya, when you say you have not processed the image is this a single sub or the resultant image from your stack?

Im no expert but I would imagine that there should be a lot more data that can be extracted from the stack.

I could have a look at the stacking and processing if you can upload your original files to dropbox or something similar?

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If you have the drop box application installed on your PC then you can add the files there and then it will since with Dropbox. You can then invite people to view the files or put them in a public folder for people to view. I think thats how it works, although I am new to Dropbox as well.

BTW something is starting to show through there.

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The ISO setting was 1600.

I thought it might have been because of just the 30seconds of exposure for each frame but I thought when stacked it still adds up.

The second image shows some more detail but I thought there may be more...

I will install drop box when I get a chance on the computer where the files are (Im currently at university)

It is most probably my extremely poor attempt at processing though :D

If anybody would like the files let me know and I will set up drop box and invite you when I get to back to the files.


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