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Celestron Skymaster 15x70 Filters

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Howdy all!

I was wondering if anyone knows of any solar filters for the Celestron Skymaster 15x70 bins? Or know of any method of creating an improvised filter, that will obviously be useful for looking at the sun?

I've obviously never looked at the sun's surface before (except in pictures which are incredible), and love to start by using the binoculars before going onto a telescope....

Thanks greatly,


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The baader solar film in a sheet comes with instructions on how to make a filter cell, obviously you'd need two or leave one side of the bino's capped. I don't know about pre built cells though... it looks like you can get them at about £30 per cell...

Great care must be taken when viewing the sun to prevent eye damage.

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Excellent! Thanks guys!

Yea the warnings come up on a search more than the filters that I was looking for!! However, they are right - the power of our star is immense! But beautiful :D



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