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Registax 5 query

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I have use Registax for years however with my new DFK31AU3 Colour camera it is doing strange things with my AVIs

When I select two sets of captures, say 1000 frames each it shows total of 2000 as it should to be stacked. When aligning it goes through the first 1000, i then click to stack the second, OK so far. When finished it shows for example 300/ 1000 not 2000.

As it went through both 1000s I assume that it has registered them.

Another thing is that when in its aligning phase the square box comes and goes, it is not visible all the time as it is when I stack Moon AVIs

Is it missing some of the frames ?

The chip size on my DFK is approx 1000x 600 pixels, I think.



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