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First dark sky view...wow!!

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Well, I had the opportunity to attend a local astro group meeting last night, so took my bins along, for a bit of viewing opportunity, and I wasn't dissapointed!

The sky at the meeting sight was a lot darker than my back garden, where I have been persevering, learning the sky for the last few months, and 'oh my goodness!', what a difference a dark sky makes.:rolleyes:

I couldn't believe the difference in what I was able to see. All my favourite objects, the Beehive, Plaedes, Orion nebula were all sooo much clearer. :mad:

Also, for the last few weeks I'd been trying to spot the double cluster in Perseus, and M35 just off Gemini's foot.

Although I knew I was looking in the right location,(in my back yard)..no go..., but last night....BINGO! Very fuzzy..but definately there!! So exciting!! :D

I so need to get to dark skies more often! So much so, that, since last night, the sale of our caravan has just gone right out of the window!! 'Discussion' with Hubby..."sorry babes, the caravan stays...the new kitchen will have to wait!!:hello2: "

The search is on for a dark camp site nearby......!

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I will have to see that once to...drive to a dark place and see the difference.

Or...slingshot all the lampposts and backyardlights in the neigbourhood:D

First week as a scope-owner and i have yet to drive my wife mad,

but that will happen sooner or later :D

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First week as a scope-owner and i have yet to drive my wife mad,

but that will happen sooner or later :D

Indeed it will Chris! I dragged my poor husband along to an astronomy meeting last night.....on our wedding anniversary!!!!

(Not exactly the cosy rendez-vous he had in mind I think.....:rolleyes:.)

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My first night back after many years off was at Keilder on cloudless/moonless night. OMG, it was amazing. Sadly I haven't seen a sky like it over the last couple of months.

Looks like it could be a pretty good night tonight Pilot!! (Not moonless, but close...). Wishing you clear skies!

Unfortunately, I'm working a night shift!:D

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sounds familiar :hello2:

And ain't this just typical!!!!

Working nights??....clear gorgeous skies!!!

Finish nights....the clouds roll in, and....yep....here comes the rain!!:rolleyes:.

ps....see you're from wakey? I'm a Donny lass meself...now living in Northampton! :D

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