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morning all i took some avi's of the moon last night (my best to date) having run them through registax i now want to merge them in imerge. does anyone have a tutorial for this as i dont seem able to load the pics.can i load them as any file type do i need to save in certain file types after registax. i.e jpeg

i have done a search but to no avail

(edit) its early so i might just be missing something simple

thanks in advance star

and on a side note i've had two clear nights in a row and it looks like im getting a third :D. so please no one buy any new equiptment today thanks again

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Imerge can handle jpg and bmp from memory. I use bmp. I don't know of a tutorial as such, but there is some info on my lunar mosaic tutorial in imaging tips and tricks. Sorry I can't link to it at the mo. On my ipod

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thanks all for the speedy response i think i have missed some sections tho i have imerge on netbook i was more interested in getting focus and tracking (motordrive) correct than making sure i had all the moon covered and gonna download ice now

thanks again

{edit} thanks for the linky

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