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Observatory red lights


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Hi all,

I am well under-way with my observatory build and will post pictures some time next month.

Anyway while waiting for the shed delivery I set about setting up some red lights ready to install later.

I knew what I wanted but so far have not found one for sale. So off to ebay.

I found a kit for an RGB LED light described as "SUPERFLUX RGB PCB Floodlight DIY KIT with 54 LEDs 12V".

I ordered 2 kits and 2 water proof boxes and switches from elsewhere on ebay.

They have been wired up as full power white or low power red.

Testing in the house has gone well but they will not be used in anger till next month.

I am not sure how bright I want the red light but it will be a simple resistor change to adjust it.

The Kit.


Dim Red.


Bright White.


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For all my red-light needs I use white lights filtered with Lee Gel Marius Red.

Lee Filters Marius Red

Costs a few quid per roll and cuts out pretty much everything shorter than 600nm, giving a much deeper red than red LEDs. But you've got to be really well adapted to use it, otherwise it just looks too faint. For a brighter red, which I use when setting up, I prefer Primary Red

Lee Filters Primary Red

My desk light for observing is a little gooseneck with about 8 white LEDs that I got from a pound shop, filtered with Marius Red.

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