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software help please please please

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I have searched the net high and low and can not seem to find what I am looking for.

All I want is a piece of software that allows me to tick off what objects I have seen so over the course of my life I can see all that I have surveyed without looking for them again by mistake, it would also be nice if I could enter comments and the date etc. The cream on the cake would be if it had a picture of the object beside it.

Oh and one more thing it would be great if it ran on my MAC.

I don't care if it has a lot of other features.

Surely I am not the only one who has asked this problem and I do not want to use a note book and pencil.

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Thank you for both your answers but I was looking for software where I could log all the objects I look up - how do other astronomers remember what they have observed over the year - if I said to you have you ever seen M** or M** how would you remember.

I could have a go at a spread sheet but I am not that good.

As for the simple log Seliotis it appears just to be a printable piece of paper to log a single event but thanks anyway.

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This looks a good article on what to record of your observations:

The Astronomical Log Book

And this may be what you're looking for - there's a free "lite" version and then a chargeable full version from the looks of it:


Hope that helps :icon_eek:

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