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DSLR filter mods, clip filters and field flatteners!


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Im still trying my hand at astro imaging and its top! I especially like how after the last few months immersing myself in it all im still completely useless. I picked somebody's old kit up off ebay and Ive spent literally millions adding to it, I think its actually becoming an addiction, waiting for the postman is almost a daily routine :icon_eek:

Anyway sorry, Im thinking of altering my 20D to get the best out of it and im looking at a filter removal / change and a clip filter. I mostly just use it at prime focus with a 1.25" t ring adapter thingy but I have some lenses too and Im starting to use these more and more. For lenses they just have UV filters but at 1.25" ive got sw lp, UV/IR and polarising filters.

First question, Im looking at a field flattener but they all seem to be 2", in particular the SW FF, that means i cant use my filters or any eyepiece projection etc. is there anyway around this? I have a moonlite focuser, is there some sort of permanent 2" screw on FF that could go at the end of my drawtube?

Next question, I want to remove the filter on the 20D but if possible I would like to use it for daytime use? the website i was looking at doesnt seem to work at the minute but i think i saw baader filters to replace the canon one. Im also unsure wether to go for CLS clip filter or the UHC. which combination would be best?

My skies are polluted but sometimes you get a 'good' night. I practically raided Maplins for discount flight cases so as soon as i pass my driving test ill be mobile!! things will get more interesting then!

Im full of questions but ill leave it there for now, any help appreciated



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Well ive spoken to someone at dslrmoduk and it turns out its not really worth doing the work to my camera so im going to get the funds together for a modded 450d! so thats that sorted..

but what about the field flattener? do I really have to buy new 2" filters to replace my 1.25"?

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