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Skywatcher 190MN+Hyperion 8-24 zoom.

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Baader hyperion mark III 8-24mm zoom for a Skywatcher 190 Maksutow newton telescope?

Will that be a good or bad choice of an eyepiece for visual observing in a Sw190MN telescope?

Thanks for advice


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I had an SW 150P newt and the Badder Hyperion zoom (Mk2) was my first decent ep. The scope suddenly came to life with it - superb views compared to supplied ep's. I still use it a lot in my dob and Sct with great results. Imho you'll get very good views (though I'm not familiar with your mak). If you're unsure try borrowing one to test it first :icon_eek:

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I have this eyepiece and it is fast becoming my first choice every time I view. I like the fact that you can very quickly zoom in or out on your object until you reach the desired size, it is click stopped but you can stop anywhere you like - its almost parfocal through the whole zoom range. I am most impressed by its performance. They cost a bit so as Brantuk says try and borrow one - I did and bought my own next morning - never even looked at anything else :rolleyes: - I use mine on an 8" dob and my 80mm refactor grab and go scope - brilliant on both of them - it fits both 2" and 1.25" -great value for money.

Cheers Paul :icon_eek:

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