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Help with DSLR Filter

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I have just taken this photo with my new canon 350D.I just pointed and clicked for the photo just so i could see how much i could capture in a minute! Am i right in thinking that i need a Astronomik CLS-CCD filter to get rid of all the light polution? My T ring comes tomorrow so i can have a proper go with my scope and mount if its not cloudy. Thanks for the help.


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An LPS filter will improve the contrast, but looking at your picture a slight tweak of white balance will do quite well. I just ran you picture through Adobe lightroom and adjusted the WB.


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It's with a baader modified 1000D and the Canon 50mm f1.8 EFII an Astronomik CLS-CCD filter mounted on an EQ3-Pro unguided...

IIRC its a stack of 4 min subs at ISO800 with the lens at f4 (you need to stop most leneses down to sort out the corner star shapes) ...

There's Couple more with that setup here...



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If you already have any 2" filters you could try a step down ring on the front of the camera lens itself to get a feel for what you will be able to capture.

A Kood 58-48mm ring (£15) with a Skywatcher 2" LP filter (£26) works for me. All available from Rother valley Optics.

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I have both the CLS and the SW LPR... The SW LPR, is as billy says, superb VFM. When using the 80ED without the reducer at f/7.5, I use the SW LPR rather than the CLS. I save the CLS for using the 50mm lens. Once I get a focal reducer, then I'll use the CLS on the scope too.

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Sort of... ED80, 2" extention tube, MaxDSLR connector with a 2" LPR filter and camera. The ED80, and all my refractors for that matter, are designed to include the focal length of the diagonal for visual use, therefore, when you remove the diagonal, you have to lengthen the tube to achieve focus.

In the drawtube

Adaptors - Two-inch Focus Extension tubes

FLO don't have the MaxDSLR for Canon on the list at present, so as well as the T ring

Adaptors - FLO 2-inch T mount camera adapter

and then the LPR filter in 2" fitting Light Pollution Reduction - Skywatcher Light Pollution Filter

If you get the matched focal reducer, you don't need the 2" T adapter, but there is another part needed to mate the T adapter to the focal reducer (it's detailed on the focal reducer page)

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I've just tried this and seemed to work. Unscrewed the lens from the Barlow to create a extension tube screwed that to the T ring and connected it to my 350d. I did a quick test and could achieve focus with no problems. If I purchased the LPR could I just put that between the t ring and the Barlow tube. Thanks

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Yes At the moment I only have a ST80 and that has a 1.25 focuser if im correct. So was just going to buy a 1.25 LPR filter and screw it in the Barlow. If I'm totally wrong, which I well may be being a bit of a noob to all this I'll just wait until I get my ED80 and follow the info you told me before. Just a bit skint at the mo so this could be a cheap option to get me by.

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