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A Nice Night for Bins...

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I'm having a nice night so far with my 20x80's, sweeping the sky around Orion, had a nice view of Pleiades and also some nice views of the moon along the terminator:) I also tried to take some shots of the moon with my DSLR through the bins...my first attempts...and they were shocking...any advice guys on the settings to use to get anything half decent? Shutter speeds etc:icon_scratch:

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Definitely! At one point this evening I was outside in my t-shirt...when I came in though I suddenly had a strong urge to switch the fire on!..,and when I went back out I put my hat on! Fair play though, I've had some lovely views tonight.

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I was lured out by Saturn. I went out with my 10x50s to look for a blackbird singing it's heart out just after 8pm. I found it and then noticed a light very low down that I couldn't see with the naked eye. There was no other star in sight as it was still too light. Intrigued I got the Revelations out and there was Saturn. So out came the scope to get a better view. Then out came my girls (two daughters and wife) also fascinated. I then ended up in the garden for bout an hour and a half as the sky got dark and had a really good evening sky-watching. The moon was fantastic through my revelation binos. The best bit was being able to see the dark side and even able to see the darker patches. Even my wife was awestruck at the view. I've not had such a good evening with the stars in a while.

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