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Glamor model at SGL6

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Shame on you all!

The young man in question is clearly deliberating the likelihood/improbability of the existence of dark matter and energy. :rolleyes:

Call yourself astronomers.....?!:D

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Your Prof Brian Cox impersonation for my friends was quite good as well – what a multi talented person you are…..by the way my mate apologized for being so rude about your picture........


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ewww....An old bald guy making expressions like he's having a dump is NOT appealing!

Oooooooooooooo get her!!! (Raises handbag)....

Yes Mick, my impression of the good professor was uncanny was it not! :D

Thanks for all the encouraging comments, I am now booked in for a face lift and a hair weave...fingers crossed everything will be ok :rolleyes:

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