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Filters or Color CCD


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With the cost of Filter wheels so high is it better to go for a CCD color camera rather than a MONO as a starter into Astrophotogrphy

The Imagin source Cameras are at a resonable price for a starter, but when you start to add in filter wheels the price just about doubles

Your thoughts please

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OSC (One shot colour) CCD's will get you started.

The issue is resolution and narrowband filters. The mono cameras have almost double the resolution and work 100% better with narrowband filters.

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A mono CCD and a range of filters (both narrowband and broadband) gives you the most flexibility and the edge on resolution. However, I avoided this route when I started because of the fickle UK skies - imaging can be frustrating enough without factoring in the issue of cloud coming in half way through your session but at least with an OSC you will end up with a full colour image of some sort and it is amazing how much you can extract with sympathetic post processing.

If you are interested in narrowband imaging then although you can take very acceptable Ha (Hydrogen Alpha) images through a OSC camera despite the fact that you cannot be activating all the pixels in the Bayer Matrix, a mono CCD comes into its own here.

If 'twer me starting out again, I'd still start with a OSC camera and them move onto mono and filters when I had some good experience in tackling all the other issues like focus, tracking, guiding, finding the objects in the first place and post processing!!

However, if your skies are very badly light polluted, there is a strong argument for jumping in with narrowband imaging with a mono CCD as this will yield good results despite the sky conditions.

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