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Hello from Bradford - a return to Astronomy


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Hi everyone

I've been lurking here for a little while and have recently acquired a Skywatcher Sysnscan 102 MAK from FLO based on many discussions in the forums.

I'm returning to Astronomy after several years - I originally got the bug in 1996 when Hale Bop was in the sky and Jupiter and Saturn were in conjunction and high in the sky.

First views of saturn through a 76mm Tasco table top scope were enough to make me want to spend more and my partner and I got a Celestron G8 SCT. Saturn and Jupiter through the SCT were stunning and one of my most memorable events was a observing a shadow transit of Jupiter.

Later I acquired a Helios 80F5 short tube refactor, finding the SCT difficult to use and slow to cool down - this little scope showed me more than I'd seen in the SCT simply because it was quick to set up and easy to point - a real benefit given the pressures of work & family life. I dabbled with Web Cam photography with mixed success (no drives on the mount, so had to track by hand) - I still have the Tocam Pro some where.

The recent speight of astronomy programs on the TV encourage me to get the scopes back out so my children could see more of the wonders of the universe - however it was clear that at 7 and 10 years of age their patience was a little less than mine :icon_eek:

That's why I wanted a GOTO and eventually bought the SW MAK - perfect for a quick set up reasonable cool down times and I can stash it away in my camper for use on those camping trips far away from light pollution.

I'm very pleased with the MAK - the quality of the optics are great and am geting to grips with the Synscan AZ mount - not sure how it would perform with the 127mm MAK - the 102 seems perfect for this mount - not too heavy or long.

Seems that the low cost imaging options have increased since I was last involved - I'm considering the SDC435 video camera as an option for the brighter DSO's through my little MAK.

Pity the nights are growing shorter!

Clear Skies


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Hi Paul , Welcome aboard SGL :icon_eek: . You have an active astronomy society in Bradford that meets in the Eccleshill Public Library index . We have a Yorkshire Astronomers social group on the SGL forum too (Under Community , Social Groups ) that you may want to join . I'm in Huddersfax . Enjoy the forum!!

Len E

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