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Here are the last of my star party night shots. As it's been a long day of endless tweaking to get the best out of them, I'm now declaring it beer o'clock and moving away from the computer. :icon_eek:

Anybody who features is welcome to a high-res copy (I'll be sending yours tomorrow Neil and Mark), and apologies to the gentleman standing front of the blue tent. Due to the long exposure your head had completely disappeared so I had to build you a new one. Hope you like it! :rolleyes:












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I love these kind of shots Jon, I love the colours in them, such a variety! Makes me wish that I was there :rolleyes: Then I remember that I'm an antisocial so-in-so that generally doesn't like gatherings :icon_eek:

Maybe one year I'll pluck up the courage and pop along...

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more lovely shots Jon...Well done!

They are very good at picking up lights too! I def need to sort out the blue LED on my USB hub (it did have gaffer tape over it honest!) and the green LED on the 12v PSU.

I think SGL6-12 captures the imager hard at work and would be a great editorial shot...but I have to say they are all great.

And yes I doooooooo need a 17 TSE!

plus of course a CCD cam that will free up my 5D for taking shots like this :icon_eek:

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Jon, these are terrific. Really atmospheric.

Are they composites or taken as a single exposure?

Thanks. :icon_eek:

They are all single exposures apart from two:

The upright pic of MG1's imaging rig is a 2-frame stitch using a shift lens.

The bins in the foreground - John and Mark were actually as you see them but the guy in the background was added from another exposure. To be honest, I didn't notice him at the time so he's a bonus, however, I wish I had more separation between the bins' tripod and that scope.

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All your photos are just incredible Jon! I'd love to have some just for the memory and the fact that they're just beauftiful! If I pm'd you my email addy could you email a few of your favourites? You choose. No need for full res if they're too huge to email.


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Another great set of shots Jon :icon_eek:

The penultimate one makes it look as if I have my mak-newt the wrong way round - there was a refractor on the same mount folks and I'm looking into that (in case anyone thinks I'm barmy !).

They really capture the atmosphere and bring back very nice memories though :rolleyes:

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