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First off, I'm not into astrophotography - yet - but a lot of people recommend the Cannon 100D as a good starter DSLR camera. As for a webcam a flashed SPC880 is probably the most popular choice and I've taken some pretty reasonable shots of Saturn with one - if you're just getting a blob it looks like a focussing problem- or perhaps the wrong gain exposure - what software are you using to capture with?

Try asking the experts in the imaging section for more detailed help.

Good luck

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what camera should i get , after nothing but no luck with my nikon d50 wouldnt focus, web came saturn just a white blob, sujestions please:confused::icon_eek:

Your focussing problem are not the fault of the camera. you would still have the same problem with a Canon 1000d. Most newtonian telescopes have insufficient inwards focus travel to allow a camera to come into focus. There are several threads on this forum regarding focussing problems with the SW200P, the answer usually is to check that you have the camera mounted as close as possible to the end of the focuser draw tube. Some components of the draw tube can be removed to reveal a t-thread.


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told you I'm not an expert! lol - still at the webcam stage

I have dabbled at webcam and dslr astrophotography and can not do either properly due to my basic achromat f/5 scope.

Astrophotography is an expensive hobby unfortunately and I need to lay my hands on an APO/ED scope, preferably a WO Megerez 72 (mmm) or 80mm equivalent. :-D

Plus I need a (very very) sturdy mount and tripod, a HEQ5 or 6 (with tracking), but those things are NOT cheap!! lol :icon_eek:



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