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150 frac or 150 newt

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This question has been bugging me for age's and I am probably going over old ground but as regards DSO's what would be better or would they be the same, between a sw150frac, f/5 and sw150 Newtonion, f/5

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Collect similar amount of light, refractor a little more as no secondary (12% blockage). With the same magnification the image is the same brightness.

Reflector will have a little less on contrast, refractor may show some CA. But DSO's being dim they're not really bright enough for CA to be an issue.

Other then cost the refractor should have the advantage.

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"Price per Inch" 150mm frac OTA is £475 you can get a 250mm OTA newt for £425

Both need an EQ5 or better to mount it on.

250mm will out class it on DSO's for cheaper.

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I agree with the comments already made but will chip in another thought. If you are looking at objects near the zenith where there is the least atmosphere, with a newt you will have the eyepiece at the highest point, with the frac it will be at the lowest point. Think about the viewing position since the longer you spend at the eyepiece the better the view and the more comfortable you are the longer you will spend looking at these elusive dim DSOs.

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thanks for the answers, food for thought I think, the position of the eyepiece/focuser is important I think as I live close to a city the light pollution does not seem to be as bad nearer the zenith, and I do get a bit fed up having to keep moving the tube assembly around to get a decent viewing position.

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