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Has anyone bought this product yet if you can find a retailer ? I think HMV and Tesco are actually selling it now.

It seems abit pricey at £5.99 for a small bottle. I,m looking for something that can clean a large Plasma screen and computer screens.

Before I splash out I would like to hear some feedback.


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Save your money. Most cleaning products have silicone in them which leaves a thin layer that only attracts more dirt and dust over time. You'll end up with a yellow patina build up with more applications unless you clean off the old silicone.

I use ordinary tap water with a splash of vinegar and a few drops of washing up liquid to clean plastics and metal. Applied with a good old yellow dust cloth or mutton cloth. Soak the cloth in that and wring it out till it's almost dry and work over the areas you want to clean. Then rub off with clean cloth before it drys.

It's as good as anything you can buy.

To clean glass (not optical), use distilled water and methylated spirit 75/25.

I repair stuff for a living and have used both these solutions for over thirty years. They are just as good, if not better than proprietary products I've tried in that time.

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Richard, I bought a twin bottle of Monster Screen Clean, it also came with a nice screen friendly cloth, this was around 10 years ago and I am almost out of it, the plasma was very expensive back then so I was unsure if it was the right stuff but was assured it would not damage the screen. It does not and gives it and other kit a nice lustre with NO sign of smear, recommended. :icon_eek:

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