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SGL6 - Most memorable moments...


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Most memorable for me was giving up on the sky, watching The Inbetweeners in Starflyer's tent, then unzipping the tent (to nip out for a visit) only to be met by a sky full of stars!

How good was that!?! :icon_eek:

Also, Astronut made my weekend special. :rolleyes:

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For me the main thing that sticks in my mind was the overall warmth and friendly atmosphere around the camp. Hi-lights include

- Lulu' and her friends singing...

- The amount of corks popping on Saturday night once the sun had gone down

- Finally getting nailing the polar alignment and getting the goto working spot on

- Seeing some really high end (and expensive) kit.

- Putting faces to avatars, and making new friends

The one image I can't get out of my head was that of M81 and M82 being images through that Taki something or other telescopes (sorry) - the image on the screen was huge !

Low points

- Coming down with a tummy bug and having to go home a day earlier than planned

- The car breaking down on the way there

- Having to wait another 12 months until SGL7 :icon_eek:

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my best memories are,

dave near me came and colimated my 200p the view was so clear, again dave with his dob showing me around the sky fantastic, and what a result , bought a bressler messier f10 for £60, 4in clamps £8, 45 deg £14,dovetail bar £5, free screws donated by the shop htat was selling on saturday, then useing it sat night , amazing, roll on next yr.and a big thanks to everyone who took the time to help me with many questions that i had .

Lol if Dave was a guy in a VW campervan then it was me (robbieince).

Highlights for me were being able to help newbies and share their new enthusiasm - love it.

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So many highlights! A few that spring to mind are:

- our new "dew buster" travel hairdryer not working because the power pack couldn't cope with it! I found it really funny to think of this light travelling for millions of years, only for a hair dryer to be the technical hitch!!

- Seeing spiral arms in M51 with our dob, I will never forget that view! And the Beehive cluster has never looked better, I'd been getting fond of it but I wasn't expecting it to look so great.

- My wife Sarah hopefully well on the way with imaging (pending processing!!).

- Having a fantastic final evening of clear skies in great company!

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Oh, where to start?!

Being there with a bunch of great people of course!

Imaging Bode's Galaxy and seeing it clear in my camera view screen was incredible!

Getting the cigar galaxy, and the Orion nebula which I've been meaning to do for yonks, with the colours so clear.

Just succeeding at imaging generally! Off the first rung of the ladder now and ascending!

Couldn't have managed all that without Pete's (!) help sorting out my problems. And all the others who came to my aid.

Lulu and Nicnac's (?) singing into the late (early?!) hours. Did make me smile!

Just the most incredible view of our Universe overhead. Wow!


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- Hearing a story about a certain lady going face first into the stinging nettles blind drunk (shouldn't laugh)

Not quite blind drunk, believe me I wish was, it wouldn't have hurt so much. Luckily I closed my eyes on impact!! Had M35 in Brialle on my cheek :icon_eek: And you should laugh, I know I did!

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Let's see:

  • Being shown 3c273 by an SGLer. 2bn LY how cool is that!?
  • Helping Jessica from the tent next door find some interesting targets with her scope.
  • Trawling around various clusters with my Dob. Somehow I had never seen so many in one night.
  • Playing with a solar scope for the first time.
  • Learning loads about how people set up their kit.
  • Having the light click on several times in the excellent tutorial presentations - thanks guys.
  • Meeting such nice and enthusaistic people.


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My highlights were:

Watching a can of beer being knocked over :)

Watching Mercury setting and confusing myself about which way it was moving. :)

Hunting globular and open clusters with friends. :eek:

Finally nailing simple, accurate polar alignment and GOTOs with my HEQ5 Pro mount. :)

Problem-free autoguiding. :)

Observing/imaging the Sun through my new H-alpha scope. :eek:

Imaging galaxies, nebulae and open clusters till 4 in the morning.

... and best of all, the great company. :o:D:D

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