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What is the best way to go about guiding with my current setup?

I'm using a Startravel 150 on a HEQ5. It's doing very well considering the weight of it. Obviously, I can't just piggy-back a giant refractor on it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks :icon_eek:

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Add an ST80 and something like the QHY5. You should in theory by just about ok on the weight I believe (don't quote me on that though :icon_eek:). The ST150 is about 1Kg heavier than my RC, and that works perfectly well side by side with that combo. The other option, would be a finder guider, something like a 50mm finder scope with a QHY5 attached, a much lighter guiding setup.

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Thanks for replying. Good to know you have a similar setup working. I'm not sure I have the funds to immediately purchase both a ST80 and QHY5.

Do you think it would be a good idea to get the QHY5 first, as I believe I can at least initially use this as a lunar/planetary imaging camera?

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