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Barlow's how big is yours


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I presume there is a maximum i can go upto regarding barlow's, having only the standard x2 i got with the 150P i was wondering if say a x5 would not work well with my scope and i could only go up to say a x3 :icon_eek:

Any ideas ???

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I think it depends on your aims. I have a pair of x2 and a x5. The x5 doesn't get a lot of use, as it's very dependant on the conditions... in fact, I've not even been able to use a x2 recently, as the seeing hasn't been up to it. I've had one successful run with the x5 on Jupiter with my 80mm refractor and a few plays with it for the moon.

If you're using a webcam, then you should be able to use extention tubes between the barlow and camera to increase the magnification of the barlow. I can't remember the equation now, but 3x should be easy. I believe this doesn't work with some of the Televue barlows though.

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