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Ok i took a small step to the dark side and bought a webcam kit from Morgans, it arrived saturday and was hoping to bring it to SG6 but had to work :icon_eek:.

Anyway got it all ready by removing the lens and fixing in the nosepiece and filter (so far so good), if the weather lets me will hope to give it a go tonight, my question is this, do i barlow the cam? as for using the software, trial and error.

I don't think for one min i will get great pics but be nice to have a album of a few things, saturn being my number one target, if possible with my dob or goto.

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Saturn may be top of your list but I would say that your Number 1 target should be the Moon. The Moon is bright, easy to find and has well defined features (if not full). This will give you a chance to get your webcam focussed and will require a relatively short exposure. Try your barlow there by all means. Make some exposures and try stacking them. When you have achieved a decent image of the Moon, then you know where your optimal focusing happens and how the stacking software works. Then, you can move on to Saturn and the other planets (positions permitting). Good luck!

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Thats good advice Vulcan thanks, To be honest looking forward to the moon as like you said should be the easy one to do with great features, i think my main goal will be using the software, i dont have a clue with all this photo stuff.

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What software are you going to use ??

I've got SharpCap down loaded & also Phillips VLounge

Both seem really good (especially SharpCap), so you can put into night mode.

Very easy to use both, but lots of different settings - Good luck & let us know how you get on.

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If you use the Barlow lens then the focussing becomes much more critical (and more difficult) and your image becomes dimmer. Keep it simple to start without the Barlow on the Moon, then once you're used to that try the Barlow on the Moon before moving onto the planets. Centering planets in the field of view is also quite a challenge. The Barlow gives a much smaller field of view and makes finding a small object like a planet much more difficult.

PS Welcome to the Dark Side... Above all have fun.

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