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Devil's Backbone Series

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I had a really good weekend. I did my two favorite things, shoot the Sun and make BBQ. I've been thinking my solar images have been sort of odd of late. Slightly blurred and the full disk seems sort of off as far as detail goes. I reasoned that it could be the collimation. I found a site that sells a handy collimation eyepiece for refractors and checked my 152. It was way off. When I went to collimate it one of the screws fell out. After an hour or pushing and pulling I finally got the lens on track. I checked again Saturday and it had slipped out just a little so I recentered it prior to getting the shots attached. I'll probably do it one more time just to make sure its on track but I think its pretty good now. The eyepiece was made by Agena Astro if anyones curious. It works in standard daytime light without needing Stars and is great if your using an adjustable achro. Clear Skyz, :)











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great images. As i see more solar pics I feel more inclined to check the sun out. the texture is really intriguing. I need to get a solar filter asap. I've been looking at the moon at dusk while the sky is still blue cos i find it easier on my eyes. Would the solar filter sheet be enough on it's own or would i need something else with it?



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Wow! Im about to take the plunge into this hobby as DSOs have caught my imagination, but the more I see spectacular solar images like these, the more I realize there's a lot to be excited about closer to home.

I wonder if the good lady's budget with stretch to a scope, mount AND solar filter for my 40th birthday....


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