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Newts don't like the wind do they?


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My EQ3-2 just couldn't cope with a 150P in the breeze we had Friday night. I couldn't keep even a single frame, should have given up and gone to bed really, but it was such a nice feeling just to have the rig clicking away while getting great views of Saturn through my Mak and chating with great neighbours like NickK.

Here is the first go at processing the M81 / M82 data I tried to get on Saturday night. Fabulous learning experience using APT but I threw away sooooo many subs. The stack was very noisy so I think I might have stacked in Friday's darks by mistake and I got some banding which I haven't seen before. Oh well, I had fun and that's what matters.

Half an hour or so of 90sec subs unguided.


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Brilliant pic, well done! I do envy you getting the two in the pic. I couldn't see where I was slewing to on my Canon so didn't want to move the scope once I'd got one of the two in view in case it all went pear-shaped! :icon_eek: I'll use APT next time.

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Here is the final version.

I restacked everything and included a master bias this time. I also did all the adjustments in Canon photo pro (curves & noise reduction) and PSe7 (levels and saturation). How I wish I had the full version of Photoshop to be able to do it all in one package :icon_eek:

I am much happier with it now and will repost it in the imaging section as well.

Happy SGL6...bring on SGL7 next year.


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