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Does anybody use this set up for imaging, if so is it any good. i have an EQ5 and want to upgrade to goto. costs 300. i dont think i can afford a studier mount at the minute but want to give imaging a go. will it be good enough?

Evostar 120


Canon EOS 500D

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Rather than blow £300 have you considered just motorising the RA axis (£70 I think) and then getting a webcam? You can concentrate on the Moon and Planets - and get some exellent images - whilst saving your pennies towards either an HEQ5 or EQ6 which are realistically the minimum for a proper imaging set-up. You could, of course use the 500D for the Moon as well - taking quite a few frames and stacking them will help quite a bit for image quality.

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I would guess that you could get away with the EQ5 for some imaging with the 120, the mount is pretty reasonable. But get the balance fairly good. Just be aware that the set up would not be the ideal, however I guess that you know that. Have a look and see if there are any suggestions for increasing the stability of it.

Whether or not it is worth the goto option I am not sure. You would still need to align the mount accurately immaterial of goto or just dual motors. Goto will put you in the right area and hopefully what you want in the field of view, no more. The tracking accuracy is dependant on the alignment and setup. Tracking only uses one set of motors.

If you were thinking of eventually adding a guide scope then the EQ5 is too small.

A nice 80mm apo would be lighter and better for the mount, but I would consider dual motors and see what happens with the 120.

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