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My pics!


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I'm really quite pleased with these even though my perfectionism always leaves me a little frustrated!

M42 was just over Ian's scope and getting closer, so I'm happy I got it as a reasonable pic, even though it was so low in the sky.

I seem to be suffering from quite bad coma! Is this usual?



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I am EXTREMELY hooked! And thanks so much Pete (!)for helping me out. I was so close to going to bed in tears! Thanks Ian and everyone else who helped too. You made it a very rewarding evening!

I have to say these pics are all cropped and processed!


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i managed to get 20 5 minute subs before the laptop wanted to go to bed and proptly though up an error, each individual sub is looking very nice, for me anyway, the first one that came onto the screen looked amazing

You lucky thing!

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Thanks all. My warm inner glow is growing the more I think of what I achieved at the weekend, and all your comments!

I'm afraid I had no luck with my webcam and Barlow, Richard, so just had a tiny Saturn-shaped blob sans Barlow! I've been given some advice so will do better next time!

It was nice to see you, however briefly!

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