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Hello from South Wales


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Hi. I met a few people (completely by chance) at the star party this weekend while motorhoming with the family at Lucksall near Hereford. I'd like to thank Dave for showing me some great sights last night through his telescope and Martin (from Nottingham) who spent quite a bit of time showing me some truly magical nebulae and star clusters. I'm a complete newby though I recently bought my youngest a beginner's scope at her request. I have a feeling it will be used quite a bit more after this weekend! :) I own two pairs of bins by the way.

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Hi Deadhead

welcome to the group take a look at the valleys group who are trying to get some meeting together. you could also look up Cardiff astronomical society who meet regularly and go out observing there is always a warm welcome there. a local society is always a good place to start where ever you are from.

Cardiff Astronomical Society - Home Page


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hello and welcome from a fellow SW person deff check out a local society (cardiffs a good one or the one i go to the usk one is also good) and there is hopefuly a meet this week check out the communitiy pages

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Star parties are a great place to start an interest in observing the skies. Lots of different scopes, sizes showing many different types of objects - good fun.

Clear skies for your own observing!


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